About Us

ABOUT COMFOSEAT Hi, my name is Jullien. I’m a founder of the Comfoseat and I’m glad that you visit our web-store. What are we doing? Just trying to make a job of the truck drivers more comfortable and less stressful. I know what I’m talking about – because I and my husband used to be truck drivers since 2011 to 2015. And I can’t say that it’s easy job to do. Your truck is your office space and sometimes even home, so you should rely on it at any time. I have seen a lot of trucks, and not all of them had a decent look. Unfortunately, it’s a usual problem in this business. But I had always paid a due attention to trucks seat and some of them had a really horrible look. Once I even had to buy the new one for the Volvo VNL 670 that one of the company gave to me. I spent $1000 only for seats. Not a cheap investment. But since then there was an idea in my mind: I can create something to protect the most intimate space of the truck driver – driver’s seat. And since that moment I start to bring my idea to life. In 2016 I and my husband created a company that is aimed at manufacturing of seat covers. We decided to use only best technologies and professionals. All our materials are ordered in Germany, our well-qualified personnel developed the best truck seat covers that can fit in every truck, our products are assembled and inspected in the USA and have high-quality marks. We are working hard to make a job of the truck drivers easier. You can get acquainted with our products and with the process of their manufacture on our website. If you have some question – just send us a letter on info@comfoseat.com, and our managers will answer you. All truck drivers know how difficult this job. We want to change something. And I hope that our truck seat covers will help you to take enjoyment in your work. Sincerely, Jullien


To get an exact match to the seats of the truck, we measure each model and even a bundle of trucks separately and underneath. Every seat model is made and customized its patterns. We take into account when cutting the functional features of the truck – a separate or integral rear seat backrest, with or without headrests. This is a painstaking and responsible work. The result of this work is the perfect planting of covers. Many truck drivers don’t believe that it really covers for the track at first glance. Outwardly it is very similar to the professional re-upholstery of the interior.


We pay due attention to the materials. It's not a secret that the most costly items of expenditure for tailoring covers are materials. Many manufacturers try to save money on it. The result is predictable – the fragility of the product and the loss in the look in the first months of operation.
We use materials of only European manufacturers with a worldwide reputation. Their products of impeccable quality and has certificates for use in automobile interior.
With such materials, we achieve product durability, accurate fitting, easy care and maintaining the original shape throughout the life of the product.
But there is one PROBLEM! Leatherette doesn’t let in an air! It’s uncomfortable and even dangerous for health to sit on such covers in the hot sunny day or in the frost!
We immediately refused from such production. Thus, we care about the comfort and health of our customers.


Quality raw materials are halfway of creating a good product. You also need to properly handle the expensive materials.
Comfoseat tailoring is carried out only by professional sewing machines. This technique is accurate, reliable and guarantees a perfect result – smooth, precise and durable stitches, both connecting and decorative.
Quality control is handled by our cutters, sewers, and wrappers of finished products.
Thanks to the three-stage control, the level of producing a rejected material is reduced to zero!


Employees of Comfoseat have a huge experience in the sewing industry. The average work experience is 15 years. Some of our workers even have more than 30 years of experience!
The whole team is the specialists of the highest level.


  • The first group includes people who want to protect their track salon and keep it safe and neat.
    During last few years all automakers try to save money on the car salon. It became a trend. For this reason, they began to use cheap materials. The seats of the car are strongly exposed to ultraviolet light and they can be destroyed in short period of time – the foam begins to pour and the padding starts flattering after 1-3 years of exploitation. With the installation of our seat covers for the track, you can put off this process for at least 3-5 years.
  • The second group of our clients – those who are looking for the best price-quality ratio
    Our product will serve you longer than the products of our competitors. The average life of the Comfoseat cover is 3-5 years.
  • The third group – those, who wish to transform and decorate their car salon
    Our covers have a complex cut, consisting of more details, in contrast to the home interior. You can compare your salon’s look with our covers and without them and you will notice a huge difference. With our products, the interior is transformed and looks more beautiful and interesting.
    Also, we have a series of products for true connoisseurs of luxury – we produce covers with the original Italian Alcantara.
  • The fourth group is the second and third owners of the tracks
    If your truck is not the newest one then the natural question can arise: who have sat on these seats before? Not all people are accurate, and years of operation don’t add to the interior of the truck. With our truck covers, you easily receive a condition of a new interior (new armchairs).