You Should Know That If You Have Leather Seat Covers For Truck

The leather interior is certainly an expensive and distinctive sign of a luxury car. However, the leather seat covers, as well as the skin of our hands, requires regular maintenance, otherwise several years later, your luxury interior lose all its glamorous. And if you have leather seat covers in your truck you should know how you can protect them.

What is harmful to the leather?

The enemies of the leather interior have been known for a long time – frost or heat, sun, ultra-violate rays, moisture or dryness. Despite the high-quality of the material and 3-years guaranty, these factors, in general, may lead to not good result – after a certain time, you found the cracks on the surface of the leather. The main danger to the leather in the warm season is the sun, which simply dries it, so in the hot months (from the middle of spring to early autumn), experts advise to carry out treatment every 1-2 months. In winter, the frost freezes leather so it loses its elasticity and can also crack. But in winter the leather does not dry, so the seats can be treated every 2-4 months. Also, it should be noted that leather upholstery happens with a protective layer or without it: if you drip water and it does not absorb into the skin but collects into a ball and drops it means that the skin is treated with a protective layer. However, often the protection layer itself is cracked. We can guarantee that our specialists avoid such mistakes in producing our seat covers. All our products have the European quality.

How to care properly for the leather interior?

Care for leather truck seat covers can be divided into 2 parts: you should clean the seats and then you should clean the leather seat covers. At the first stage, the seats should be washed thoroughly, for which there are special cleaners. Their difference is in the content of a large number of surfactants, sometimes with the addition of wax, silicone, fats etc. Then you need to let the salon dry properly. Only after that, you can apply skin care products on your covers. Their distinctive part is in a large content of waxes and vitamin E which gives the skin softness.

All operations are desirable to be carried out in a place hidden from the sun, and after applying the skin care product, the car interior must dry at least 2-3 hours or better the night. Depending on the composition and recommendations of the manufacturer, the skin care product must either be sprayed and then wiped off, or poured onto a rag gel and then carefully rubbed into leather seat covers. In any occasion, you shouldn’t leave the care products on the leather surface. If the product doesn’t absorb into the skin there will be a zero effect from such manipulations.

One more advice: before using the skin care product, it is better to pre-test it in a small inconspicuous area of the truck seat cover. The front seats should be treated twice, with an interval of 30-60 minutes, since they are most often used, and take the main sun damage through the windshield.

Now you know how to take care of your leather truck seat covers. You can order them in our web shop. Our products are long-lasting, easy to install and fit almost any seat models. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

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